40th District California; Don’t Vote for Ken Sherman

This is from my friend Kender’s site. He lives in California and he wants the word to get out about Ken Sherman. If you live in California’s 40th district don’t vote for the guy. If you don’t live there but know someone who does, tell them not to vote for him. Now for Kender’s piece:

By Kender of Kender’s Musings
The title* of this post is specifically to get it shown at the top of searches on Google so that when people search for Ken Sherman they find it and know why I think he shouldn’t be running for the Assembly seat in the 40th District of California which he is seeking.

Ken Sherman is a piano teacher, which while being a noble and decent profession, in no way qualifies him for a political office.

You can see the first post I did on Sherman here. I explain in that post why he shouldn’t even be consider by anyone that considers themselves a conservative, but I want to recap that and tell you why I am posting about this again.

Ken Sherman has posted (and taken down when it was pointed out what he did) anti-semitic videos on his only website, a myspace page. Any candidate for an office higher than Student Council at a high school should have an actual website. I have no idea if Ken is running a campaign on the cheap, he doesn’t know any better or he is simply thinking that only a myspace page is good enough, because Ken won’t return calls.

Ken has also promoted events sponsored by Move On Dot Org, an extremely far left group. The event he promoted on his myspace page was a candle light vigil against the war, which by default means he is against the troops.

Ken’s campaign manager has posted lies about Ken’s opponent, Armineh Chelebian, while at the same time failing to divulge his position in the campaign. While it may not be illegal to post comments without divulging your position in a campaign, it is extremely unethical to do so, especially when you are posting comments in favor of your employer and posting lies about your employers opponent.

Theer has been some speculation amongst some activists here that Ken Sherman is a mole from the Democrat party, and is only running to secure the nomination so he can drop out and leave the seat uncontested for the Democrats. If Ken Sherman does win next Tuesday, and drops out of the race I’d like to see the Attorney General of California open an investigation into Ken’s finances and those close to him. I’d be willing to bet that if he is a mole, he has a handshake deal with the Dems to get paid for securing the seat for them. But that’s just a theory of mine.

I tried several times to speak with Ken, and after reaching him on his cell he said he’d call me later. His steadfast refusal to get together for a one on one so he could present his side of the issues is proof positive to me that he is hoping to ride this out until Tuesday.

So spread the word. Don’t vote for Ken Sherman if you live in the 40th district in California. If you do and by some stretch of the imagination he wins you will be getting what you voted for. An unresponsive person of questionable character.

*DISCLAIMER; These are my thoughts only. I am not connected in any official capacity with any campaign for any office.

Additionally, this website is not affiliated with any politician or political campaign.

*I changed the title from his original.

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