Rev. Jackson Hovers Over Terri Shiavo

No matter on which side of the Shiavo situation you fall, you must be thoroughly disgusted by the Reverend Jesse Jackson pandering for press coverage. The Rainbow Coalition’s coffers must need its own feeding tube reinserted because Reverend Jesse has temporarily relocated to Florida and taken up residence in front of the cameras with Terri’s parents.

In what can only be described as a death watch, the Schindlers would likely take any comfort given to them — and rightly so. They are about to lose a child to a death they fought a fierce battle to prevent. They are Catholics with their own spiritual advisor whom has been with them through this fight for many years. Anyone who has turned on a television in the last two weeks knows this.

Cue Jesse. With the cameras and the public’s inability to detach from this drama, Jackson could simply not help himself. He wants to champion all causes that might get him some press coverage . . . and boost those donation dollars. He takes advantage of the desperation of families while they are grasping at straws. In fairness, Terri’s mother has said she appreciates Jackson’s presence and his strength. She’s a grieving mother, though, and would welcome any help and hope that presents itself.

Reverend Jesse has become a media vulture — preying upon the desperate families with high media coverage. He prays with Michaels Jackson publicly. In one of his many ineffectual attempts, he went to Iraq to help free American hostage Roy Hallums. If you are in the news and in need, call Jesse.

He prayed with the Schindlers and asked to pray over Terri Shiavo. That request was denied. And, I say “Thank God” for small favors. After 15 years — 7 years of court battles, Jackson shows up in Terri’s last hours. After his session with the Schindlers, he called a press conference. Was Jackson there for the Schindlers or for the cameras? It’s grandstanding; and, it makes me want to vomit.

“I feel so passionate about this injustice being done, how unnecessary it is to deny her a feeding tube, water, not even ice to be used for her parched lips,” said Jackson — CBS/AP

OK. Well, where was all this passion for the past 7 years — or even the past two weeks? Where was all this righteous indignation when predominantly-Republican lawmakers and the Bushes tried every way they knew how to save Terri? Sometimes, as they say, silence is deafening. The passion wasn’t fierce enough for Jackson to appear to align himself with the “vast right-wing conspiracy” types. Now that the trumpets are silent and the soldiers have left the field, Jackson finds it safe to reveal his moral indignation. How interesting. Isn’t it too little and way too late?

In truth, I think Terri’s parents, brother and sister can teach Jackson quite a bit about suffering and faith. Jackson should be taking notes, not giving press conferences.

You can read the whole sickening story here. I suggest an empty stomach.

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2 Responses to “Rev. Jackson Hovers Over Terri Shiavo”

  1. Adam says:

    Be careful not to start another Big Dog Jessie Jackson rant…

    It seems very elitist to me to say “we are the support from two weeks ago when this will just not go away even though it is nobodies business but theirs” or “we are the support from a year ago when this whole mess started out and made people think it was our business” or “we are the support from seven years ago when nobody cared except the people who this is their business.” Jackson is just “support from today when this still will not go away and is still nobodies business.” If you can care about something that is none of your business, then why can’t Jackson? Oh yeah, Jackson is probably trying to find a way to play the race card. That evil Jessie Jackson…

  2. Big Dog says:

    Come on Adam, He is praying with Michael Jackson and praying over Terri Schiavo. Two high profile stories and JJ has his face in the spotlight. You don’t actually think he cares or anything, do you? I admire the fact that he acknowledged that it was inhumane to starve her and make her die of thrist but he waited a while.

    The court system and Michael Schiavo made this everyone’s business when it was put out there for the public. It is our business when we see this happen to people. I can live with the decision, Terri can’t. As I have said, my take is that there is no way to tell her wishes so just let her live until God takes her.

    I guess it is a private matter, until of course it was made public.