Oh Canada, Please Send The Deserter Home

There is an American soldier named Jeremy Hinzman who joined the military of his own free will. He served in times of peace and probably enjoyed the paycheck he got the first and fifteenth of each month. Then a pesky thing like war broke out and he decided he did not want to be a soldier any more.

Calling the war illegal and criminal, Hinzman decided to take off for Canada to seek refugee status. One little snag seems to have occured when Canadian officials rejected his request stating that he failed to show that he faced persecution or cruel and unusual punishment if he returned to the United States.

Hinzman does not face any of these things though he faces punishment and jail time for desertion. I am wondering what this hero thought the Army was all about when he joined it. Was he one of these idiots who join for the educational benefits and training but never stop to think that if we go to war they will have to fight? Regardless of what the reason this man is a criminal. He was not drafted. He joined of his own free will and then when he actually had to earn his paycheck he turned tail and ran like a coward. I have news for Hinzman, it is not up to the individual soldier to decide if a war is just, or legal, or fair. It is up to soldiers to follow orders and do as they are trained to do. The only reason this war is all these things to you is because you lack the backbone to do what you signed up and swore to do “so help you God.”

I say that when this man is returned to the US we should honor his wishes and not send him to war. This man should be tried as a deserter. Even though desertion in a time of war carries the death penalty, this man’s life should be spared so that he can serve a life sentence in Fort Leavenworth Federal prison. This guy can spend the rest of his life breaking great big rocks into little bitty rocks and little bitty rocks into sand. This will be a fair and just punishment for a person who cheated the government out of money by accepting a paycheck and refusing to earn it. It will also be a fair sentence for someone who neglected his sworn duty and deserted his country. It should be great for his children to grow up with the knowledge that their father was a coward who turned his back on the country he swore to defend.

Reag the story at CJAD 800.

Update: This from some guy named Patrick O’Neill

Before enlisting, Hinzman said he was searching for some meaning in his life, and the military–which had a “higher purpose”–was better than working just for the sake of making a buck. “I guess I just kind of sold my soul for the college money,” he said. “That’s probably a little too blunt. I had this notion that, “Hey, I’m going to go and get paid to exercise, shoot weapons and jump out of planes,’ and that sounded real fun. It didn’t matter to me at that point. I was just young, and I didn’t feel I was really going anywhere.”

For the sake of making a buck and sold his soul for the college money. The Big Dog is always right.
The article also states that Hinzman had three choices:

During Christmas leave, Hinzman, who is a member of the Fayetteville Friends Meeting, discussed his options with his wife, Nga Nguyen. He could go to Iraq–an option both he and Nguyen rejected. He could refuse the deployment order and face court martial and a likely prison term. Or he could follow a plan of action that thousands of young men like himself had taken during the Vietnam War–he could flee to Canada

Looks like he is going to get the second option anyway. Hope you like Kansas, not that you will see much of it.

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