Good News From the Front Lines

With all the negative reporting by the MSM regarding Iraq and Afghanistan, we hope to counterbalance it with good news that’s being missed or underreported. In a break from our usual “Good News” format of providing four or five short segments, we will focus on one important story. This story was relatively ignored by the MSM — despite its significance.

MPs Deal a Major Blow to the Insurgency
(Yes, I said MPs.)

Sunday turned out to be a very significant day for the Coalition Forces in Iraq. During what is being termed an ambush by dozens of insurgents, U.S. soldiers responded by killing 27 terrorists near the now-infamous “Triangle of Death.” The U.S. military indicated this was the largest single insurgent death toll since last fall’s battle for Fallujah.

In the most significant activity in that area to date, 40 to 50 insurgents attacked a US military convoy of artillery units from the Kentucky National Guard traveling with the 617 Military Police Company. The terrorists emerged from a roadside canal and a grove of trees. Under a barrage of rocket propelled grenades and small arms fire, the convoy became disabled. The MPs placed themselves between the attackers and the convoy. They then maneuvered to flank the terrorists and managed to take control of the situation before the requested Apache helicopter arrived at the scene. Returning fire, the MPs injured or killed all the insurgents in the field and managed to drive those in the canal away. Three soldiers were injured during the fight.

“I was surprised at the numbers,” said Staff Sgt. Timothy Nein, a squad leader for the 617th Military Police Company of Richmond, Ky. who was involved in the firefight. “Usually we can usually expect seven to 10.”

Our troops also captured eight ambushers, seven of which were wounded. They recovered six RPG launchers, 16 RPG rockets, 13 machine guns, 22 Russian-made assault rifles, more than 2900 rounds of ammunition, and 40 hand grenades from the terrorists. The Defense Department asserts the MPs also recovered valuable intelligence.

“They were armed to the teeth, and looked like they were ready to fight for a long time,” explained Army Capt. Todd Lindner, commander of the 617th Military Police Company.

If you have any doubts about the honor, dedication and abilities of our National Guard units, the full story from Defense Link News is a must read. Believe it or not, the Arab Times also reported the story completely and with no discernable bias. In the words of Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a-changin’.” (Now, who would have thought I’d be quoting Dylan regarding Iraq?)

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