Update On Harry Swain Tribute

Not long ago I wrote a post praising a fallen hero named Harry Swain IV. This young man was truly an inspiration to his friends and family and I am sure to everyone who read about him. Harry died in action in Iraq and he was honored at Soldier Tribute. There were some nice comments from his family and I have received emails describing in more detail this exceptional young man who paid the ultimate price in the name of freedom. I received an email with a poem that was written by Harry’s Aunt Brenda. With permission, I have reproduced it here.

The day none of us thought could possibly be true a dream, a lie, a mistake, lost lifes, but not Harry too!!!
So young so brave but already a man
Somehow I know this wasn’t part of your plan
You wanted to help bring freedom to us all
But what about the price you paid, you took the fall
You seen things that we know were pretty bad, yet you never told
You’d say it’s not that bad so those memories only you would hold
A Marine and a friend a person who we miss “it’s so sad”
We take it day by day, it’s hard theres good days and bad
You have to wonder, why you, you were a good kid
So how could God take your life, yet he did
Theres so much bad in the world, and so much pain
I just hope you didn’t suffer, or your life be taken in vain
Why do we take life for granted, does anyone really know
We will never see your smile, or see you thru life as you grow
We still have your brother, whos trying to make it thru
You were close, “A brothers love” to each other you were true
And your mother who loved you with all her heart, shes hurting so bad
Just know she loves you, you’re her boy, she will miss the bond you had
I can’t get it through my mind it keeps running through my head
I just wish I could see you, hug you, I can’t face it that your dead
There will always be a piece of me that can never be replaced
You will live within my heart and never be erased
But for now it hurts it’s a pain deep inside, decribe it “Theres No Way”
Harry I miss you, I love you, I hope to see you again someday
Love Aunt Brenda

Tonight, Harry’s dad, Harry III, will be on CN8’s “It’s Your Call.” Mr. Swain has established a scholarship fund in the name of his son to benefit a student at Harry IV’s old High School. When I get more information I will post it so that you can honor this fine young man by helping others in his name.

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