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There is a link posted in a comment at Adam’s site. The link leads to the site where Dr. Teresa Whitehurst has a rant about her school aged child being subjected to recruiters from the Armed Forces. It seems the school has a learning channel the kids all watch each day and there are recruiting ads for the Armed Forces. This has offended Dr. Whitehurst who is a clinical psychologist. Seems that she does not think the children should be offered the opportunity to join the services. She claims that the message is why go to college when you can become cannon fodder. Seems that Dr. Whitehurst is further upset that this is evidently the result of the No Child Left Behind Act. It would appear that if your school takes federal money then you have to let recruiters in. Since there is no rule that says you have to listen to a recruiter or to sign up, I think it is an even trade. Of course this is the typical liberal mindset, “We want your money but we don’t want to have to do anything for it.”

See, when schools get federal money the Government gets to invoke certain things. Some of them do not make us happy. I was not happy when VMI was forced to take in women because they received federal money. I wonder where Dr. Whitehurst was when this was going on. She probably thought it was righteous because it fit in her agenda. VMI did not like it but they capitualted because the government holds the purse strings.

I wonder where Dr. Whitehurst is when the schools are teaching our children how to put on condoms, have sex, and that Adam and Steve are a perfectly normal couple. I guess it is too much for her to see educated, fit service men and women trying to tell children the benefits of going in the service. She says that it is particularly upsetting to her daughter who has several friends in Iraq. She claims they were told they would not have to fight. I can not imagine a recruiter would make that promise but let’s for a moment say they did. What person in his right mind does not know that when you are fighting a war odds are you will have to fight? Why do these people think the military teaches everyone to fire a weapon? If her daughter’s friends are young ladies then technically the recruiters are right. Women are not allowed in combat. However, every warrior might have to engage the enemy.

Another thing that is disturbing is the daughter’s claim that the ads are targeting blacks and hispanics. Once again I find this hard to believe. This goes to the left’s claims that only the poor and minorities are fighting and dying in the war. Is this daughter being a racist to assume that the minorities are being targeted (in her mind) because they are inferior?

Here is something I found amusing:

“It’s just everywhere”, Isa continued. “Here’s an example: In gym we don’t exercise or play sports like we used to do-now we “sound off”, just like in the military, while running and doing jumping jacks, push-ups, and pull-ups. The freshmen are told to shout, “one, two!”, then the sophomores are supposed to answer, “three, four!”, and then the whole group of us has to say “Sound off!” I mean it’s ridiculous Mom! How are you supposed to exercise while you’re shouting at the top of your lungs?”

I don’t know what planet these folks have been living on but when I had gym, oh so many years ago, we sounded off. We screamed the numbers for the exercises and we were able to do it while still exercising. If this child is having trouble doing both she is either uncoordinated or unfit. In either case the exercise will be good for her. And by the way, all the football teams, baseball teams, and just about any other sports team you can think of in high school and college use cadence when they work out and they sing and yes, scream while working out and competing.

Here is another great line of thinking from the good Doctor: (emphasis added)

Joining the military is presented as the one and only path of honor, heroism, and service to one’s country. Many students, not surprisingly, want to be heroes or get out of poverty, so they’re signing up in droves. College recruiting is a rarity at this school, and at her previous school, as well. Ah, but military recruiters are constantly lurking around, spending quality time with fatherless boys, handing out materials, giving “aptitude tests” (played down as “just helping you figure out what you’re really good at”), handing out Marine bumper stickers, and otherwise making their smartly-uniformed presence known.

College recruiters are rarely at this school? I suppose this is from the No Child Left Behind Act also. Perhaps it is because the college recruiters are busy sipping tea in their ivory towers to come down and waste their time on your children. Perhaps they are too lazy to come out and advertise their colleges. To chastize the hard working recruiters who get up everyday and go about their work as professionals is truly beneath contempt. I have a suggestion Dr., why don’t you ask the school administration why there are no college recruiters?

I should not have expected anything less from a crack pot who starts her diatribe with, “As noted in my recent articles on military recruitment and the coming draft, for two years my daughter and I have been fighting the aggressive and often sneaky efforts of military recruiters to sign her up.”
Lady, tell your daughter to say no or not to talk to the recruiters. And by the way, if she is under 18 she needs your permission, so please for the love of God just say no. In addition, where did this genius get the draft idea? Has she been playing old John Kerry tapes? Let me tell you Dr., the closest we have come to a draft was when a bunch of DEMOCRATS introduced bills calling for the reinstatement of said draft. This was soundly defeated by the REPUBLICANS. President Bush will not institute the draft. We do not want the kind of riff-raff and goldbricking malingerers we would have to put up with if we started taking just anybody against their will. And you my dear, do not have to worry about that 98 pound daughter of yours. Women can not be drafted, unless of course your democrat friends try to change that too. No wonder she can’t exercise and sound off at the same time. She is a 98 pound weakling. Mom, quit fussing about the recruiters and feed that girl.

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