We Lost Iran When We Ran

The left is fond of reminding us that we once supported Hussein and Iraq. I have had comments to posts that indicate that we are basically going after someone that we created. There is no doubt that America supported Hussein against Iran. We were, afterall, responsible for Iran becoming an enemy. Well, the democratic party and its idea of passive appeasement was responsible. Prior to 1978 or so the government of Iran was friendly to the US. We were considered a friend and we needed Iran as a buffer in that region. Then President Carter started telling the Shah how to run things and suggested that the Shah not confront those who were attacking and opposing him. The Shah felt he should listen because as he said “America has always been our friend.” Little did he know Carter would turn a deaf ear and this eventually lead to the take over by the Ayatollah Khamenei who was anti-American. We lost a valuable ally and friend when Iran turned against us.

Enter Saddam Hussein. Hussein attacked Iran in a period it considered a weak time for the Iranians. He miscalculated their resolve and had a protracted war of eight years. We supported Iraq in an effort to fight against a country that would have still been our friend if not for the weakness of Carter. Pacifism is generally viewed as weakness, especially in the Arab world, and leaves one vulnerable to attack. Carter’s demands for inaction and refusal to use our might when needed coupled with his appeasement policies were a recipe for disaster that has had far reaching arms. His inaction set the table for our modern day problems. When Bill Clinton took office he continued those policies of appeasement. He never used the military seriously and his half hearted attacks and missile strikes were generally laughed off by the tyrants of the world. They were continually emboldened by the inaction of the United States. The refusal to use might when required doomed us to the situation in which we are now engaged. If Carter and Clinton had taken notice and learned from Reagan’s handling of Libya, we might have never suffered the embarassing attacks of 9/11.

In addition to setting the table for today’s world situation, Carter allowed a hostile regime to take over in Iran. Those very people are building nuclear weapons and are thumbing their noses at the world. We have indicated that it is unsatisfactory for them to build nuclear weapons, the world is concerned, and yet they are pushing on. They have threatened the world’s oil supplies, are building deep bunkers(in which to hide missiles) that will avoid bunker buster bombs, and they are going to begin enriching uranium again. All this from a country that says it is only interested in nuclear energy to produce electricity. I want to remind everyone that Iran has a vast amount of oil. Oil that is cheap for them and that they can use as a source of energy for a very long time. They can not justify the cost of a nuclear program for energy given this. In light of their building missile bunkers, I think it is safe to assume that electricity is not on their minds.

Iran is a terrorist state. They have sponsored terrorism, they have conducted terrorist acts, they have threatened economic and environmental terrorism if they are attacked and now they are threatening to halt negotiations and restart enriching uranium if the UN Security Council santions Iran and tries to make the temorary cessation of enrichment permanent. Iran is trying to make the world run scared. They are saber rattling to draw attention to this mess. I believe they are trying to threaten the world with dire consequences if they are attacked by the US. We have heard the dire consequence story from Hussein in the run up to both of the wars with him. I remember all the blood in the streets talk and how we would have tens of thousands coming home in body bags. I think he missed that one a bit. I also think Iran is sorely underestimating us. We will not attack them unless it becomes necessary. If they keep doing stupid things it might become necessary.

I think for now there will be a great deal of diplomatic options left on the table. I think that we are letting the quest for freedom and democracy that is starting to catch on over there spread some more. We will rely on the successes in Iraq and Afghanistan be symbols for other countries and their people to follow. I also think if we had been tough in the 70’s and had shown our strength instead of playing the role of weak, impotent, pacifists, we would not be worrying about this right now. Iran would probably still be an ally, Hussein would not have attacked Iran, and bin Laden would not have had the testicular fortitude to carry out attacks against the US. All this because Jimmy Carter could not muster up enough testosterone to use force when it was necessary and Bill Clinton used his testosterone to soil blue dresses instead of using might appropriately.

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2 Responses to “We Lost Iran When We Ran”

  1. Macker says:

    When ALL signs point to an impending Test, then we will attack.

  2. Big Dog says:

    When Iran launches a nuke our way then everybody will wonder why Bush was asleep at the wheel.