A Tale Of Two Dogs

Word has it that Susan Sarandon will play Cindy Sheehan in an upcoming movie. It is appropriate that they got an anti war actress to play an anti war hag. Hollywood did it right because both are uglier than sin. I guess every other sentence in the movie will remind us that Cindy lost a son in Iraq. That is what the MSM does each time it mentions Sheehan’s name. The reason is quite simple. Sheehan has taken focus off her dead son and placed it in herself.

Cindy has taken this obsession to stroke her ego to new heights. She is the darling of the MSM and anything she says goes unquestioned as if every word she utters is the gospel truth and her integrity can not be questioned. The bias in the MSM will not allow them to air the works of gold star mothers who support the war and honor the memory of their children by showing courage. It is unfortunate but that is the way the MSM works.

Sheehan’s daughter said it best:

“It’s sad that everybody wants to talk about my mom, but nobody even asks about Casey anymore …”

Yes it is sad. The reason that this is so is because Cindy has taken the spotlight. She exploited the death of her son, a valiant warrior, and her grief morphed into an anti war movement. Her ego is stroked by so many liberal elitists that she has lost focus of her original intent and now she has allowed her misguided efforts to overshadow the work her hero son did. Too bad he has to spend eternity knowing his mother is a dingbat.

Source: The Defiant War

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One Response to “A Tale Of Two Dogs”

  1. Angel says:

    o yay is michael moore the hubby…or at least is sean penn playin someone
    anyone?…good grief…o heck throw in george clooney n babs jus
    for good measure!