Julian Bond Jumps In The Nazi Game

I was wondering when it would come. It has been a little bit of time since some moonbat called the President a Nazi. Julian Bond of the NAACP did not let me down. He was filled with hatred and anger as he called the President a Nazi and said his judicial nominees were from the Taliban wing of the party. The next time someone who is supporting the NAACP tells you that they are non-partisan and only concerned with issues just smack them and get it over with.

The word Nazi seems to be the main attack word for the moonbats. Mr. Bond does not seem to care that people find that offensive and do not appreciate being compared to a party of people who butchered people. Perhaps Mr. Bond would like people to start using the N word to refer to black people with whom they disagree. He should not mind too much since he seems to believe that this kind of vile talk is OK and hey, they let Hillary get away with her plantation talk.

The NAACP is a tax exempt organization and it has been in trouble before because of its partisan rhetoric. Perhaps the IRS needs to be made aware of this particular speech so that this group can have its exemption revoked. I don’t understand why they are tax exempt anyway. They are racists who only advance the cause of black people. If there was an association for the advancement of white people they moonbats would be up in arms. Julian Bond is a disgrace to his organization and to his race and this kind of speech is only designed to further divide this country.

I don’t know what kind of donations this organization gets but I will make sure from now on that when I give to charity it will be to a charity that does not support the NAACP. They should be disbanded.

Ted Kennedy got his old sclerotic liver in a twist over Judge Alito’s membership in CAP. Well Bond’s membership in the NAACP is infinitely worse because they really are an organization that excludes people.

Oh, and Julian, that Taliban Judge you referred to gave a black man awaiting execution a temporary stay while his appeals are reviewed. So much for your theory, jackass.

Source: WorldNetDaily

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