Marion Barry The Snowman

Washington DC is one of the most liberal places in America. The place is as blue as royal blood and they have never really favored conservative politicians. They do, however, have this propensity for electing stupid people. Marion Barry was their Mayor when he was caught smoking crack. He then had some trouble because he did not file taxes for six years. Despite all his drug and other legal problems the folks in DC elected him to the DC Council. Now, councilman Barry is in trouble again.

As part of the plea deal on the tax charges Barry was required to abstain from using drugs and to submit to random drug tests. He had one of those drug tests and came up positive for cocaine. Barry, who is in the hospital being treated for high blood pressure (cocaine will do that and getting caught makes it worse), now faces jail time for violating his probation.

This guy is a real piece of crap. He is in a city that has a high crime and murder rate (Barry was robbed last week) and he was
caught using drugs. The thing is, people there seem to embrace him for some strange reason. These are the same people who are endlessly seeking information about the President’s alleged drug use as a young man. I hope this latest problem lands this cretin in jail and finally provides a wake up call to the citizens of DC. They need to elect responsible people (Republican or Democrat) to run the city and get them out of the funk that has been caused by the climate of crime and corruption that has often started at the top and worked its way down.


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