Let’s Play Hide The Nuke

Before the invasion of Iraq by coalition forces the talk was of WMD. There were other stated reasons for going to war but the biggest was to rid Hussein of WMD. Just about all the donks in Congress agreed, not to look weak on defense in a time of crisis, and voted to authorize the President to take what ever actions were necessary. By now most people know that very few WMD have been found in Iraq. They have been found but not on the order of magnitude we expected. This resulted in the left screaming about Bush lying us into war. Hussein, that guy the left thinks is a peaceful old guy just trying to get on with life, got rid of all of them just like he said he would do. The mean ole’ US went in and took him out of power and he did not have WMD, or did he?

I have written many times that Hussein had time to move the WMD and I said the most likely place would have been Syria. Well of course this led to the outcry that we were just looking for a reason to attack another country. Syria did not take the WMD they said. Hussein got rid of them. Why would the Syrians hide his weapons for him, they asked. No Syria would never do anything like that despite the fact they are another supporter of terrorists. There is now a story that Syria and Iran have made some kind of drug deal in which Syria would hide Iranian weapons, in the event Iran was embargoed. This seems vague and could mean any weapons, I mean Iran does not have WMD, they are nice like Hussein’s Iraq.

  • Syria has signed a pledge to store Iranian nuclear weapons and missiles.
  • Iran also pledged to supply a range of military aid to Syria. Jane’s cited technology for weapons of mass destruction as well as conventional arms, ammunition and training of Syrian military.

So, Syria will allow Iran to hide nukes in Syria and Iran will provide Syria with other WMD. It would seem to me that if Syria is willing to hide illegal Iranian weapons then they would hide illegal Iraqi weapons which brings me back to what I have said all along. The weapons most certainly existed and they were not disposed of. I have a little bit of knowledge in that particular field and if they had been gotten rid of properly, we would be able to tell.

One other question we need to address. If Iran is only using nuclear power for peaceful purposes, why do they need a pact with Syria to hide nuclear weapons? They do not currently have any so that means they must be planning on producing some.

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