$100 Will Get You Anyone’s Cell Phone Records

There are companies out there that skirt the law and obtain people’s cell phone records for around $100. It is usually spouses or jilted lovers but in any event it is illegal. The kicker is that Chuck Schumer, former Jackass of the Month, is introducing legislation making it a crime to obtain people’s cell phone records through fraudulent means:

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) plans to introduce legislation in the Senate tomorrow that would make it a felony to obtain customer information from a telephone-service provider by pretending to be someone else, a practice called “pretexting,” widely believed to be a chief way these companies accessing the data.

This should not comfort anyone because Schumer is the guy who introduced legislation making it illegal to use a Social Security Number for identity theft and then allowed his staffers to illegally use the Social Security Number of Maryland’s Michael Steele to obtain Steele’s credit report. You can see that the law does not really matter to Mr. Schumer.

I think they need laws and they need to make them harsh but I will might be willing to part with last month’s cell phone records to any idiot willing to give me $100.


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