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City Riots vs Biker Gang Shootouts

There is an article on the local CBS affiliate website that tries to draw comparisons to the way the riots in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD have been portrayed in the media with the biker gang shootout that occurred in Waco TX.

The article discusses these events and concludes that riots that damaged property (which the author notes can be replaced) but where no one was killed received more coverage than a biker shootout where nine died. It is further noted that during the riots the police showed up in riot gear, used tear gas and made mass arrests while they were shown in their normal uniforms in Waco in what the article describes as nonchalant.

The article also points out that the riots had live media coverage whereas that did not happen in Waco.

The point seems to be that when predominantly black communities riot there is outrage and the rioters are viewed as thugs but when white bikers have a shootout there is not as much coverage and the incident is viewed as an isolated incident.

These items involve two entirely different crimes and this article only serves to further push a race narrative where one does not exist.

Yes, most of the rioters were black but the cities involved have mostly black populations. There were some white people there and they were attacked by the rioters. There is no doubt that some white folks participated in the unrest.

In Waco most of the bikers were white but there were some people of color. It was reported that there were some black and Hispanic bikers involved.

Perhaps the reason there were not cameras and live play of the gunfight is that it happened spontaneously. The police were aware that some trouble was brewing but the police do not call the media in every time there is a threat of violence. I am not sure how much media is available in Waco but the issue in Ferguson simmered for weeks giving the media plenty of time to show up and Baltimore has many major news outlets in or near the city. The media would have been present because there was unrest (read that as thugs attacking people and breaking the law) on Saturday and the riots occurred on Monday. The media had time to gather.

Since the gang shootout happened there has been word there will be some sort of retaliation. You can bet the media is there now.

As for the police. They anticipated violence in the cities and were dressed appropriately. In Waco they had information something might happen. The big difference here is that the police in Waco were involved in the shootout. They were shot at and they returned fire. They then arrested hundreds of bikers. During the riots, particularly in Baltimore, the police were continually attacked and DID NOT fight back. They were ordered to give the rioters room. Perhaps if the police in Baltimore had started attacking those who were breaking the law and arresting them in droves we would have seen pictures of police officers being nonchalant as they walked around hundreds of handcuffed protesters.

Since the police in Waco were allowed to do their jobs they had all the bikers under control and were able to be more “nonchalant” than the police in the rioting cities.

The only thing these incidents have in common is that they both involved people who were breaking the law. The idea that the rioters had a grievance so their behavior can be excused especially since no one died is ridiculous. They were breaking the law and they were destroying property. No one died but scores of police officers were injured.

The bikers felt they had a grievance as well but their actions are no more excusable than those of the rioters. The big difference is that the police responded to the violence in Waco.

And for those who think there is disparity, there is. The rioters in Baltimore who happened to get arrested complained about high bail amounts. Every biker arrested in Waco had bail set at one million dollars far above any amount reported from Baltimore.

The thugs in Waco will get what is coming to them just like the thugs in Baltimore eventually will. And yes, both groups are thugs. Despite what the author wants you to believe, the bikers were referred to that just as the rioters in Baltimore were.

When people stop trying to excuse any kind of bad behavior and start holding everyone accountable society will be better off.

And then people will have no excuse for race baiting articles…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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O’Malley Should Not Even Be Considered

I understand that Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland, has a big announcement planned for 30 May. He will be in Baltimore, the city that suffered under his polices when he was its mayor, to announce he plans to run for president.

O’Malley is a liberal moron who does not believe people are smart enough to make their own decisions, provide for themselves or protect themselves and their families. He is anti-gun and imposed strict gun laws when he was governor. He invited countless illegal immigrants and gave them “stuff.” He is part of the nanny state leadership that only knows how to rule over people, tax them to death and then waste the money collected.

He should never be president of this or any other country though Czar of some communist nation would be more in line with his beliefs and leadership style.

He has decided to take on Hillary Clinton and he will have a formidable task ahead. She is polling well among Democrats because most are too stupid to see the crime she is involved in. O’Malley is polling at about 1% so he has a long way to go.

I think Hillary should occupy a jail cell instead of the Oval Office and O’Malley is no better. He should not be elected president, period.

He does have a few things going for him in that Bill Clinton once praised him and said he would be president someday. Clinton also claimed O’Malley was a terrific governor and that Maryland was voted best run twice while O’Malley was in office.

Not sure who they polled on that but O’Malley raised several dozen taxes (and enacted some new ones) and he went so far as to tax the rain that landed on people’s property. O’Malley’s terms in office saw an outflow of people from the state to other states because of his inept leadership and tax and spend policies. The economy was poor during his reign and only remained better than a lot of other states because of Maryland’s proximity to DC. A very large number of DC politicians and other DC federal workers, lobbyists and journalists (many with well-paying jobs) live in Maryland.

Even with nearly recession proof jobs and the flow of federal dollars from DC the state fell on hard times under the dictatorship of O’Malley.

He might be a great leader to Bill Clinton but that does not say much. Or maybe I should say Bill thinks Hillary would make a great president so that says a lot about his assessments…

It will be interesting to see what Bill says about him if he does in fact jump in the race.

I do not want to see Hillary Clinton or Martin O’Malley as president. I hope O’Malley gets trounced early and bows out and that Hillary gets beaten badly with the reports of her crimes so that even if she wins the Democrat nomination she can’t win the general.

If you are a moron like Snoop Dogg and want her to win so we can have a woman in the White House you are not smart enough to vote. People voted for Obama to have a black guy in the White House and look how that worked out.

He is a disaster.

If you vote for someone because of their color or sex you should be banned from voting FOR LIFE.

If O’Malley ends up winning he will certainly continue Obama’s quest to drive America into the ground. Hillary will do the same but she is older and unhealthy so maybe she will get a visit from the Reaper…

The nightmare will be if she wins and picks O’Malley as a running mate.

Then we can only hope they fly Malaysian Air…

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Riding Through This World, All Alone

Anyone who watched the television show Sons of Anarchy knows it was full of violence. The show depicts a biker gang and its criminal pursuits. The “motorcycle club”, along with rival and sometimes ally biker gangs sells drugs, gets involved in pornography, traffics firearms and in the murder of people, and lots of them.

It was a television show so the world it depicted was supposed to be violent. It was supposed to push the envelope for the entertainment value.

I admit to enjoying the show. I could never live that kind of life but I enjoyed watching these truly dysfunctional people and their exploits. It was great to see these outlaw bikers killing each other each week.

I even commented to my son that the tragedy is there are really these kinds of gangs in the world.

And there are.

In Waco Texas as many as five rival biker gangs had an altercation at a restaurant that spilled outside. The fight went from fists, feet and chains to guns in real short order. When all was said and done nine bikers had been killed and nearly 200 arrested.

People who are not part of the gangs had to hide in the freezer at the restaurant to avoid the violence.

If these Sons of Anarchy wannabes have a desire to murder each other then let them have at it. However, they could have the common decency to do so in an isolated area where people who have nothing to do with them will not be in danger.

These guys let a lot of ammo fly in their fracas and many innocent people could have been killed.

These biker gangs are not a group of angels and they give motorcycle clubs in general a bad name. These guys deal drugs and weapons and they murder without a second thought. They are the true to life people I commented on to my son.

They think the rules and laws of a civil society do not apply to them.

I hope those arrested spend a very long time in jail. It is too bad more of them did not kill each other so numbers would be reduced.

There are plenty of motorcycle clubs in this country that do wonderful things for the communities in which they live. They provide for the poor, they provide for veterans and they follow laws. I have spent time with hundreds, if not thousands, of these folks at military funerals and during events in Washington DC. They are generally good folks trying to make a difference.

Cretins like those who chose to have the shootout at the Waco corral have no regard for life and do not deserve to be part of society.

Here is a clue for them. if you want to fight go pick some isolated part of the desert and have at it. When you are done gather up your survivors and leave the dead behind.

The buzzards have to eat too.

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Pelosi Should Be Put Out To Pasture

Nancy Pelosi is warning that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of those challenging the subsidies in Obamacare win it will cost Republicans because allegedly 8 million people have the coverage and rely on them. She predicts that it will harm all those folks and Republicans will pay a price.

She claims that this is all because a phrase in the law has been taken out of context.

Pelosi said she knew the law well and that opponents were relying on a phrase taken “out of context” in pressing their case before the court. AP News

The woman who said you had to pass it to find out what was in it now claims that she knows the law well? The same law that continues to have surprises pop up because no one knew they were there?


As for out of context, the Democrats made it clear that only states that set up exchanges would get subsidies when they were pushing the bill on us. They made it clear this was a carrot and stick approach where states would be provided incentives to set up exchanges and one of the incentives was subsidies.

Now that someone has challenged that part of the law the Democrats have rewritten history and are claiming this is what they meant all along.

They are liars as is Pelosi.

I do not think Republicans will pay a price for this if the ruling in their favor. The law says what it says and that is how it should be followed.

Of course liberals have trouble with following the wording of the Second Amendment (hell all of the Constitution) so I expect them to be clueless in this regard as well.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Facts Can Be A Tricky Thing

And they can, of course, be spun to mean whatever result is wanted.

In a recent piece in The Hill Marko (Kos) Moulitsas paints a picture of a wonderful world under Obamacare and how Republicans were so wrong about the outcome that it is funny. He points to a number of quotes from the past and then tells his readers that the person who made them is wrong. He does not say exactly why they are wrong so the impression is that what was claimed did not happen. He does not back his claims up, he only says the original claim is wrong.

He discusses John Boehner and Rush Limbaugh and their claim that Obamacare would destroy over 2 million jobs. Jobs numbers are difficult to pin down because the BLS uses many metrics and the government spins those in a number of different ways in order to paint the picture it wants. The population was 3 million more in March 2015 than in March 2010 (I selected March to give a 5 year timeframe from when the law was passed).

The number of jobs gained or lost is always tricky but the reality is while there are more being created now they are not offsetting the numbers lost in any meaningful way. The reports are nearly always lower than expected and in a few weeks get readjusted down.

But looking at the labor participation rate the rate in 2010 was 65% and in 2015 63%. This means there are 4.2 million fewer people participating in the labor force than there were when the law was passed. 58.06 MILLION people have stopped looking and are no longer counted. Certainly if there would be so many jobs the numbers of people participating would go up, not down. Once again though, labor numbers are tricky things.

It is also true that there are no accurate ways to measure how many people decided not to open a business or expand one because of Obamacare. There are anecdotal stories but no real data that I can find.

While there is merit to Kos’s claim that Sen. Tom Coburn was way off when he predicted there would be no insurance industry left in three years it is also true that insurance companies are taking big hits and if it were not for government taxpayer dollars being sent to cover losses the insurance industry might well be a shell of what it once was. It is pretty easy to go along when big government tells you it will cover your losses.

It is also true that many insurance companies have had to raise rates because the participation is not what was expected. The cost to consumers is going up even though Obamacare was supposed to stop that.

Kos went after Glenn Beck for his 2009 claim that this would be the end of prosperity in America and the end of America as we know it. Well the reality is the rise of Obama to power was the end of America as we knew it. That aside, Kos claims, as evidence that Beck is wrong, he (Kos) can still buy an apple pie from a cashier wearing a flag pin. This is not an accurate indication of the state of the nation. I can buy an apple pie from a guy wearing a turban who reads the Koran but that does not mean the nation is now a Muslim nation. There are many stores where Kos can no longer buy a pie because they have shut down.

And when he buys that pie it costs a lot more than it did 5 years ago.

Then Kos goes on to discuss Rand Paul’s 2013 assertion that Obamacare will lead to bankruptcy in states that fully embrace it. He made the claim in 2013 so time will tell but Kos decided that the only states in trouble are those that did not embrace Obamacare and its expansions. He cites Florida and Gov. Rick Scott. Kos claims Scott is begging DC to close his billion dollar budget hole that Kos claims was brought about by refusal to expand Medicaid.

The deficit is in place because the federal government, in an effort to coerce states (in defiance of the Supreme Court ruling) to expand Medicaid, has cut an existing program. The federal government decided to end or cut back the money spent on the Low Income Pool. This is a federal program that has been in place for some time and is different than the Medicaid program. Folks in LIP are not necessarily in Medicaid (and might not even qualify). That program was to continue but the federal government decided to end or scale it back to force states like Florida to expand Medicaid. Scott is not begging for money to close a budget gap he caused. He is asking the feds not to end the program they started and they funded. He claims, rightly so, that there has been no reduction in the taxes Florida pays to the feds but they are taking away the program those taxes paid for and they are doing it just to force compliance.

Once again, Kos misses the mark.

If Kos is concerned about those who were wrong why not go after those who were wrong about keeping doctors, keeping insurance and saving $2500 a year? Maybe because those lies are OK with him so long as they support the progressive agenda.

Millions of people lost coverage because of Obamacare an then when they were forced to sign up under the law they were touted as people helped by it. They were harmed and forced to join.

As for how wonderful Obamacare is and how those states that adopted it are doing great, how about Hawaii? It is a liberal haven and it went all in on Obamacare. It had over 205 MILLION dollars in federal funding to set up the exchange but it became financially unviable and after the state refused to spend 28 MILLION to bail it out, it will close. Everything will be shifted to the federal exchange and people will likely have to sign up all over again.

The reality is Hawaii went all in and failed. There are several other states that have had problems with the exchanges and many issues deal with the fact that not enough people are signing up for insurance. The government is once again wasting billions of dollars on a failed program.

Markos Moulitsas is a far left wing hack who suckles at the teat of liberalism. His article was a puff piece to shower his liberal friends with fairy dust while he gets in his obligatory shots at Republicans with whom he disagrees.

I know Kos thinks Obamacare is great but if it is so wonderful why did they have to force people to get it? No one has to force people to buy an iPhone because it is a great product. The same would be true if Obamacare was so wonderful.

If it is so great why were there so many waivers granted?

It is not fully implemented and already it is costing a fortune. It is not covering everybody (a claim once made but backed off on) and it is stifling the economy.

It is not the only thing but it is one of them. Nearly every Obama policy stifles growth and Obamacare is no different.

Numbers on employment and particpation rates came from various parts of the BLS website.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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